BBB Accredited Business since 2005


McNaughton’s has been in business for over 65 years. Opening in 1948, the store has been a story of growth, change and an example of small town Ontario competing with larger urban centres.

The business, in the beginning, was much smaller than it is today. Jack McNaughton began with his two brothers, Bob and Sam, selling auto and farm supplies. The brothers also were the largest seller of white appliances in the area. Jack then went on, along with his brothers, to start McNaughton Bus Lines. He was also involved in Newbury politics as Reeve of the Village for over a quarter century. He spent much of his life making Four Counties Hospital a reality. Jack McNaughton died in 1972.

Over the years, Jack took over McNaughton’s and Bob and Sam operated the bus business. As time went on, Jack’s sons Danny, Ross and Robbie were running the retail store. In 1980, they joined Home Hardware. The store sold hardware, automotive and farm related product.

In 1988, Jack’s son Gary and his wife Susan, bought the business. They began adding inventory and expanding rapidly.

“When we added a new line, we always ensured we added the complete line,” says President Gary McNaughton. “Our philosophy was simple. We wanted people to find what they needed when they came to our store and we wanted to have knowledgeable staff to serve them.”

It was a small staff when Gary and Susan started out. It was also a family affair as son Mike, daughter Nicole and youngest son Monte began working there.


“We only had three full-time staff members when we took over,” Gary recalls. “My wife, a sales associate and myself. We have come a long way and it has been a lot of fun.”

“It was a big undertaking, adding the Home Hardware Building Centre banner,” recalls son Mike McNaughton. “We went from a staff of 15 to 40 overnight. It was something that had to happen in order for us to grow.”

2004 saw the opening of the LCBO Agency Store plus a major expansion of the building side of the business – a new flooring, kitchen and décor centre was added.

In August 2016, McNaughton’s was sold to Graham Young expanding the McNaughton family, as featured in the London Free Press. Click here for the article