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Ken Sloetjes, McNaughton Outdoors

Hunting and the outdoors has been a life long passion for me. I was brought up in a family that hunted, trapped and fished to provide food for the table. Now after 30 some odd years of being in the outdoors I keep trying to push my limits. I’m primarily a Big Game Hunter but do enjoy all facets of hunting from small game to predators, even occasionally waterfowl.

My tool of choice would be my compound bow. I’ve been an archer for 20 of those years and have harvested many of North Americas big game animals from Moose, Black Bear, Caribou, White-Tailed Deer, Wild Hogs and Turkey. I’m still working on Elk and Mule Deer!

For the past 3 years I’ve been a Pro Staffer for Game Chasers TV. Traveling all over North America filming my hunts for Wild TV and The Pursuit Channel.

I started at McNaughtons Hunting ProShop from its inception working with Graham, Rod and Eric, to build a store that would service everyone and everything. My main interest in wanting to work in the store was to meet people who enjoy the outdoors like I do and to be able to help them out with their hunting and shooting issues… and maybe talk a bit of hunting in the process!! From the hard core hunter to the weekend plinker, from archery repairs to gun barrel inspections we have you covered. Our mission has been from the get go “if we don’t have it we’ll do what we can to get it” as special orders are not a problem for us! We strive to be competitive with our prices and now with our website up and going we will truly have become that one stop shop for the outdoors enthusiasts!!
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